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AK/DK Shared Particles Vinyl LP 2020 Ltd Dinked Edition #69

Cat no. LME013LPX

Please note this is a pre-order item due for release 27th November 2020

dinked edition : DINKED 69

  • “Starburst” three coloured vinyl
  • Sleeve housed in a very special mirror board outer slipcase with 5mm spine
  • Signed postcard with download code
  • Remix CD featuring remixes by W.H. Lung, Snapped Ankles (x2), A Certain Ratio, Plastic Mermaids, Warm Digits, Ibibio Sound Machine - all bangers!!!
  • hand numbered Dinked Edition sticker


  1. Feeds
  2. Wait…
  3. Shared Particles
  4. Return to Zero
  5. Data Beach
  6. Casio Beguine
  7. Kosmische #1
  8. Heliotrap
  9. Hot Mist
  10. Astroturf
  11. Defragment to Survive
  12. Draggin'