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ALAZKA Phoenix LP Limited Edition Vinyl NEW 2017

ALAZKA Phoenix LP Limited Edition Vinyl NEW 2017

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EchoesGhostEmpty ThroneThe WitnessEverglowAshPhoenixEverythingHearts of GoldLegacyBlossomFading Flame

Metalcore quintet Alazka, from Recklinghausen, Germany, are preparing to unleash their debut album Phoenix.“Life never goes the way it’s planned. It’s a constant fluctuation of ups and downs. Most of the times those downs make us doubt ourselves,” explains Kassim on the album’s themes. “All the moments we regret or want to change if we could even though it wasn’t even in our hands. The lyrics are about those downs. It’s not about describing how bad life can be. We want to show that we all have those moments. They are a part of life. They make our own stories. Like scars life leaves upon us that make us individual.” He continues. “The phoenix is always seen as the beautiful immortal bird. To us it’s the aspect of ‘going through fire’ that makes it special. The tragedy in the myth. The beauty in tragedy. This is what we had in mind, when we wrote the lyrics to the songs. A reminder that bad times are a part of life. They shape us and the way we cope with them is what makes us who we are. We just want to show that we all experience times like these, that no one is alone with their pain.”