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ALL SAINTS Red Flag 12" LP Vinyl NEW

Cat no. 4788009

One Strike 3:33
One Woman Man 4:01
Make U Love Me 3:46
Summer Rain 3:43
This Is A War 4:49
Who Hurt Who 4:00
Puppet On A String 3:24
Fear 3:56
Ratchet Behaviour 3:54
Red Flag 4:19
Tribal 4:05
Pieces 4:06

All Saints launch their brand new album ‘Red Flag’ their first album in a decade

It sounds great to have them back, reminding you of something you had perhaps forgotten you missed quite so much. What is so special about the new record is how contemporary it sounds without ever losing the core essence of All Saints! This is what they do.

All Saints were the symbolic British girl-band gateway to the new millennium. Now 19 years after their debut instruction, against several striking odds, All Saints are back!!

12” LP Vinyl release