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CCFX CCFX 12" EP Vinyl NEW 2017

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The One to Wait
Venetian Screens

CCFX are a new trio from Olympia, Washington, featuring Mary Jane Dunphe (Vexx, CC Dust), David Jacques (CC Dust) and Chris McDonnell (TransFX). Collectively coming from a background of punk, new wave and shoegaze, all three members embody Olympia’s historical ethos of DIY and join forces for a record that is a showcase of what is currently coming out of the Pacific Northwest.

Recorded and mixed with Captain Tripps, the release is a testament to the nostalgic properties of ‘80s UK chiming and melodic guitar parts that counter and complement Mary Jane’s emotional vocals. Undeniably indebted to the sounds of The Cure, New Order, The Smiths and My Bloody Valentine, Chris McDonnell has made much of the kinship he feels between Olympia, Washington and Manchester, England. CCFX strike that delicate balance between heartfelt and gloomy but there is an earnest sincerity to these tracks that sets the band apart.