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ENIGMA A Posteriori LP Pink Vinyl NEW

ENIGMA A Posteriori LP Pink Vinyl NEW

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Eppur Si Muove
Feel Me Heaven
Dreaming Of Andromeda
Dancing With Mephisto
Northern Lights
Invisible Love
Message From IO
Hello And Welcome
20.000 Miles Over The Sea
Sitting On The Moon
The Alchemist
Goodbye Milky Way

There is no other music project comparable to Enigma. It defies categorisation. New Age, Electronic, Sound Collage, Ambient Rock Symphony, Pop Avantgarde? None of these labels fit and still all of them do. Each shows the unmistakable signature of Michael Cretu, a multi-faceted artist who refuses to be pigeonholed. Enigma has received amazing feedback and admiration over the past 25 years and eight album releases writing global success story.