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JAMBINAI A Hermitage 12

JAMBINAI A Hermitage 12" LP Vinyl NEW

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1. Wardrobe
2. Echo of Creation
3. For Everything That You Lost
4. Abyss
5. Deus Benedicat Tibi
6. The Mountain
7. Naburak
8. They Keep Silence
Creating some of the most innovative sounds in East Asia's underground scene, Jambinai are an award- winning post-rock act that was formed in Seoul, South Korea in 2009. The group consists of Ilwoo Lee (guitar and piri), Bomi Kim (haegum), and Eun Youg Sim (geomungo). Ushering Korean traditional music into the 21st century, Jambinai's stunning sonic compositions mix mesmerizing sounds from the past with elements of folk, metal, and electronic music.
12” LP vinyl edition.