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METRONOMY Summer 08 LP Vinyl & CD NEW

METRONOMY Summer 08 LP Vinyl & CD NEW

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1.  Back Together
2.  Miami Logic
3.  Old Skool
4.  16 Beat
5.  Hang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
6.  Mick Slow
7.  My House
8.  Night Owl
9.  Love's Not An Obstacle
10. Summer Jam


Joe Mount hasn't always been the songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist auteur Metronomy fans know and revere him as today. Eight summers ago, he was – in his own words – “25, constantly drunk, single and living in London desperately trying to be cool.” Then a fledging bedroom producer, his second album, Nights Out, was a few months away from release, and life was a restless whirlwind of boozy cab rides from gig to gig, grimy London dive to grimy London dive. “I can't remember a single night in, sat in a nice room, just watching the telly,” he reminisces now. “It was quite manic, remembering it.” Instead of burying that wild-eyed time in his memories, Mount's about to return to it. Summer '08 is his sequel to Nights Out. And it's album he's waited eight years to make.