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MITSKI Puberty 2 LP Vinyl NEW

MITSKI Puberty 2 LP Vinyl NEW

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• Happy
• Dan the Dancer
• Once More to See You
• Fireworks
• Your Best American Girl
• I Bet On Losing Dogs
• My Body's Made of Crushed Little Stars
• Thursday Girl
• A Loving Feeling
• Crack Baby
• A Burning Hell
Puberty 2 picks up where its predecessor (2014's Bury Me At Makeout Creek) left off.
Musically, there are subtle evolutions: electronic drum pads pulse throughout, underneath fervent guitar lines.

Sadness is awful and happiness is exhausting in the world of Mitski. The effect of Puberty 2 however is a stark opposite: invigorating, inspiring and beautiful. It was put together with the help of long-term accomplice Patrick Hyland, with every instrument played between the two of them.