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A1 Image 2:49
A2 White Light 3:25
A3 To The South 2:41
A4 Rose In The Vase 4:40
A5 In Your Arms 3:19
B1 Young River 2:30
B2 Sometimes 3:26
B3 Two Stones 5:11
B4 Scars 3:07
B5 During The Years 5:00

There s something interesting going on in Russia, but I believe that Motorama are the forerunners of this burgeoning movement. I m quite surprised they haven t had more attention! Jacob Graham of The Drums in NME One of the most acclaimed Russian indie acts in recent years, Motorama are a five-piece from Rostov-on-Don. They actually sound more Nordic than like a band from the Southern river-port of Russia. Vigorously mixing the aesthetics of new wave and post punk and infused with intelligently buoyant flair, their songs are also full of dreamy pop tunes, danceable beats and monotone vocals. Big fans of Factory Records artists and American bands such as Xiu Xiu, The Flaming Lips and The Strokes, they also grew up listening to The Coral. Live Motorama are accompanied by self-made visuals of thick forests and waterfalls. Their fan base stretches from Russia, through the Baltics, Germany & Greece to South America and beyond. As well as headlining many major Russian festivals such as Moscow s Afisha Picnic, which draws 50000 people, they have toured worldwide with Deerhunter, Hype Williams & Shackleton and played some large European festivals like Exit in Novi Sad. Motorama take their name from the American road movie Motorama released in 1991 and directed by Barry Shils.