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PHIL CAMPBELL Saviours Song CD 2010

Cat no. X3R002

Debut release on X3R - a imprint of Assai Recordings - on CD format only


  1. W.M.B.L
  2. Vodka Milk
  3. Boom Town Rats
  4. Nations & Babes
  5. Radio Luxembourg
  6. Black Moth
  7. Milton Car Thieves
  8. Shooting Baddies
  9. Devil's Cord
  10. Saviour's Song

Raised on a diet of Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, Neil Young, and the Rolling Stones, Scottish singer/songwriter Phil Campbell burst onto the Glaswegian scene in the mid-'90s after signing a development deal with WEA at the age of 18. Two years later he signed to EMI and released his debut, Fresh New Life and lastly releasing Saviours Song in 2010.