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QUASI Field Studies 12

QUASI Field Studies 12" Double LP Vinyl NEW

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1. All The Same
2. Golden Egg
3. Skeleton
4. Star You Left Behind
5. Empty Words
6. Birds
7. Fable With No Moral
8. Under A Cloud
9. Me And My Head
10. Two By Two
11. It Don't Mean Nothing
12. Bon Voyage
13. Smile
14. Let's Just Go

Quasi’s first three seminal studio albums - 1997’s R&B Transmogrification, 1998’s Featuring “Birds” and 1999’s Field Studies - are being reissued on vinyl.

Does Field Studies have an Elliott Smith turn to the harmonies? Maybe both Quasi and Smith have a Heatmiser influence, given that’s the Portland band that Coomes and Smith had played in together.
As one of their biggest fans, Clouds was one of Smith’s favourite live covers and Smith plays bass on three of Field Studies’ tracks, returning the favour for the many live shows in which Weiss and Coomes were his backing group.

12” Double LP Vinyl Reissue.