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THE HOLD STEADY Separation Sunday WHITE LP Vinyl NEW 2016

Sorry - Sold Out
Cat no. FKR0871


1. Hornets! Hornets!

2. Cattle and the Creeping Things

3. Your Little Hoodrat Friend

4. Banging Camp

5. Charlemagne In Sweatpants

6. Stevie Nix

7. Multitude of Causalities

8. DonÂ’t Let Me Explode

9. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night

10. Crucifixion Cruise

11. How a Resurrection Really Feels

12. 212-Margarita (Bonus Track)

13. The Most Important Thing (Bonus Track)

14. Cattle and the Creeping Things (Demo) (Bonus Track)

15. Charlemagne in Sweatpants (Demo) (Bonus Track)

16. Crucifixion Cruise (Guitar Demo) (Bonus Track)